A few sights I find useful - thought I'd share with you

Kuler is a really very useful website that I find I use quite regularly when starting new projects. Ideal for giving you inspiration on complimentary colours to base colours you have chosen or you can search through the thousands of themes that have already been created. This is a free service from adobe and they give you all the details you need for applying these to your project. One of the stand out features is creating a theme from a photo you have upload. I find this very time saving and a great aid to starting off our design process

BuildorPro offer a truly alternative solution to web design and development that will change the way you work forever. The idea is that using BuilorPro, your browser becomes your design and development environment. Instead of using multiple applications to achieve your goal, you can use the browser to visually design a website altering the code whilst you do so. Using a unique blend of code editing tools and design tools to create a happy medium between design and development.

BuildorPro is brought to us by Bart Milner, a veteran of the Apple scene and developed by James Law. Their vision is to create a tool where you can design and builb web in its natural environment – the browser!

We are excited about this and BuildoPro are currently sending out invites to join the beta stage.

Check out their website for more information about BuilorPro – http://buildorpro.com/
or follow them on twitter here for the latest news.