oh how we laughed...!

now we realise that there can be no way that we're the first gays to take a 'funny' photo at the gay memorial..! but for all our frivolity it was really quite moving.

so were already feeling a little hysterical when we head off to visit the
Anne Frank museum queing in the rain began to dampen our enthusiasm but was also rather in keeping with what was to be a sobering experience.

TY: Shall we get a guide book..?
DR: Shall we buffalo, let's get this done so I can have a coffee

obviously as we'd digested every guide book available and they all suggested getting to the museum before the crack of dawn my usual litre and a half of coffee had not been consumed so my nerves were a little on the raw side.

I thought we'd whizz round and by doing so I'd at last be able to tick the AF museum off my list of 'things done' especially as this was now my 3'rd or 4'th trip to the city, but as we entered the museum/tour my need to 'get it over and done with' was replaced with a genuine interest in this seemingly 'typical' child.

As the tour drew to a close we were introduced to a video instalation of Mr Frank, talking about his recollections of both Anne and the whole family - I wont bore you the details suffice to say I required emergency use of all available hankerchiefs and tissues.