Dahab day II

A terrible nights sleep for Dr T and I..What went wrong? From the utter bliss of our first night's sleep, last night's was a nightmare of tossing and turning and mosquito fear. Nothing I did was quite right, lying on my left, on my right, duvet on/off, mossy spray on, cool damp cloth applied to tense brow, nothing helped which in turn resulted in a very grumpy Mr D that Dr T neede to be very patient with.

Breakfast continues to be what it is, perfectly adequate but nothing that memorable. Followed by a bit of sun bathing (yes I know these entry's are soon going to bore by there repetativeness but wait drama is about to unfold...

Lunch was Egptian Kofta's witha tahini sauce for Dr T and for myself a perfectly adequate burger from the beach bar at the hotel, sitting on the oversized loungers at he beach is such a lovely way to spend an hour or so but then we needed some activity so Dr T popped up to the hotel shop and purchased for us both a snorkel and mask.

In Dr T's world a swim in the Sea/Ocean is a wasted swim if you don't have a snorkel and mask, whilst I enjoy the occaisional snorkel it borders on the quasi religious experience for Dr T but as a dutiful husband I agreed to join, this was a mistake..

All started of swimmingly well ('scuse the pun) some intersting fish (if fish is your thing) and some pretty coral but gosh it all whipped by very quickly and here's the rub, I forgot the basic principal if you're not wearing flippers and everything is whizzing past you at a rate of knots you can bet your bottom dollar that your caught in a rip current and gosh didn't it just turn out that way, as I popped my head above the water line we're bothe a bloody long way from the jetty (a really, really long way). Realising this is a rum state of affairs we begin the swim back but the current and the wind (and lack of flippers) means we make no ground and are still being taken away by the current, this is when I and Dr T realise we're in a bit of trouble. With superhuman effort we swimm to a random guy rope and hold on for dear life to try and get some energy back. Well for the next 40 minutes we battle against time and tide to get back to safety, finally making it back, throwing up sea water and knowing it was a close run thing.


New friends


Dahab Town

Thai food again