Dahab ancient and modern

There is something truly breathtaking about Dahab, mentioned in the book of  Deutoromy 1:1
These be the words which Moses spake unto all ISrael on this side of the Jordanin the Wilderness, in the plain over against the Red sea, between Paran, and Tophel, and Laban, and Hazeroth, and Dizahab

Set away from the other hotels in the area and the furthest from downtown Dahab is where we're currently enjoying some exemplary service at Le Meridien. We've booked this trip through Thomson and left Gatwick for Sharm on Friday afternoon. A very full and uncomfortable flight over not help by frankly rubbish service by the Thomson cabin crew and a plane that was cramped and actually just tatty.

As we left the airport at Sharm we were directed to the back of the car park where we were told we'd find coach 18 for our transfer to Dahab, hot and sticky from our cruddy flight we dutifully tramped up to the car park and started counting off the coaches in search of number 18.

There's 12..13..14 over there is 16 & 17....but no 18! No other coaches in sight, grab a Thomson member of staff for advice.

Dr T: We've been told to get on coach 18
Thomson: There is no coach 18
Dr T: Can you tell us which coach we should get on then for our transfer to Dahab
Thomson: There is no coach to transfer to Dahab (followed by a stony glare)
Dr T: Ahhh ok...can you advise us on what we should do?
Thomson: Speak to the (Thomson) rep who told you to get coach 18...

Back we schlep to the terminal where fortunately we stumbled across the lovely Paula (another Thomson rep) who quickly pointed us to our private limo and we were finally on the final leg of our journey to Dahab, (thank you Paula).

Driving through the desert at night with a full moon illuminating every crack and crevice the desert mountains had was an exhilarating experience, on arrival at the hotel we were greeted by the charming Mamoud, top marks so far for service to Le Meridien, and it always makes a holiday that much nicer when you're told you've been upgraded!

Room service ordered and a steak sandwich and burger wolfed down we turned in for the night wondering what our first full day in the Sinai peninsula would bring.