Weekend in Yorkshire with the Splendid Spoules's

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What a wonderful weekend Dr T & I have just spent in North Yorkshire, Darren & Judith have been the most delightful hosts and it was so lovely to see them after all this time.

We flew up on Friday with flybe, fairly uneventful flight apart from the male flight atendent who wasn't really with us, for example he started the descent announcement 3 minutes after we'd taken off! It didn't really fill us with confidence. Flying into Leeds Bradford International wasgreat and reminds me why travelling with just hand luggage and into reginol airports is such a hassle free experience, literally of the plane and into Judith's wiating car.

The drive from the airport to their house is so picturesque and took us past Cow & Calf on Ilkley moor and through the village of Ilkley itself, a really lovely little village that on the surface looks the same as it did when I was a child but on closed inspection you can see this is one part of Yorkshire where they have some considerable wealth.

Friday night was all about being shown around the house, catching up on each other's news, eating some great food Darren had prepared and having a few drinks and then a few more drinksand then it just got silly, needless to say midnight came and went as we continued to we talk and talk and before we knew it it was the smal hours of the morning.

Saturday morning rolled around and the hills and moorland were swathed in a blanket of fog and rain clouds, folowing a hearty cooked breakfast which included sausages made by Darrens brother, we retired to our room to shower and get ready for our day in Leeds