Thailand holiday dawns

Thailand here we come - my boss very kindly said I didn't have to go into the office today, which is great and I thought I'd be able to have a nice lie in this morning, get up about 7.30, make a coffee and start the day in a much less frenetic way than is my normal routine but wouldn't you know it, 5.45 comes around and I'm up and awake as per usual. Such a creature of habit.

Tonight we're off on our holiday to Thailand, hence the title of this post and the inclusion of the Qatar airways business class cabin - because that's how we're travelling there. I know, I know, it's a bit flash to be travelling biz class there and back but Dr T and I have been working like our lives depended on it so we've made the decision to treat ourselves.
So I'm packed and ready to go - like an ever ready bunny. Dr T is still in the arms of Morpheus. A true indication of our personalities!