Delta announces it's new Economy Comfort product

Back in the day when I was at we were fascinated by the development of the whole ancillary market and how businesses and in particular airlines we're monetising every last part of the users interaction with themselves.

The big ticket items that were all now used to being baggage costs and the hierarchy of prices dependent on where your seat was in the cabin and what 'additional' level of comfort this afforded you.

So we have Delta announcing their new Economy Comfort seats. Whilst this move is hardly unexpected I find the language used in Chris B's (Senior Product Manager for Delta) blog on the Delta site very interesting from a Sales and Marketing perspective.

Chris B acknowledges the thrill of 'scoring' the seat of one's choice and is therefore setting his blog entry up with us getting onside, we've all been there and it's those small daily victories that can make a day feel so much better.

 "Being over 6′ tall I understand what it means to enjoy a few extra inches of legroom in Economy Class on a long-haul flight. Scoring a seat at the emergency exit can sometimes feel like you’ve won the lottery!"

He then goes on to tell us how excited he is that in recognition of the above Delta are now going to charge you for this 'pleasure'! This is quite subtle marketing double-speak as he sets us up with a shared view, a.k.a. a universal view and because we're so used to paying for this kind of product his information regarding the element of having to pay for it has less sting because of the opening statement.

I have absolutely no issues with monetising the cabins on aircraft and no beef with Chris B's blog entry. I just thought his use of language was a little bit clever.

To read Chris B's full blog entry click here