Mobile Social Media - Ignore it and it's your own funeral

There is definately a common trend among all the operators and device manufacturersand that is a deep intergartion of social media and mobile. For Samsung it's all about the Galaxy SII and it's 'social hub; they started to move into this are with the Galaxy SI but it looks like they're taking this 'hub' phillosophy more seriously on the SII, this is where Facebook, Twitter, email and IM services are aggregated into one single feed and can be found by individual contacts in the address book.

The same goes for Motorola, which announced the launch of the Motorola Backflip on the AT&T network that focuses in on their Motoblur platform, a platform that allows people to see social status updates, emails, messages, and headlines from their home screen. Windows Phone 7 may have the same type of eature which on the Sintegration, with further upgrades to the People’s Hub widget.

The clear focus on social and mobile brings up two obvious but straight forward points. Firstly, businesses want to focus on running their business and not having to constantly worry about falling behind in their mobile and social marketing communications strategy. Second, brands want simple tools that help them aggregate all of these communication channels and allow them to address all of the needs of their evolving consumer base.
More importantly, although these announcements are being heralded as ‘innovation’, most consumers today already have this at this at their finger tips and remain inundated with different ways to communicate on a daily basis. Thus, in the same way that people are learning their preferred mode of communication for individual contacts via certain social networks, messaging or apps, we think brands need to start learning about their consumers and targeting them more efficiently using what they prefer.