Sales & Marketing Consultation phillosophy

Marketing Consulting Philosophy

My aim is to develop and implement "New Marketing" strategies that help you communicate and engage with your target audience both online and offline

What is New Marketing?
Technology has changed the way your audience connects with your product or service. Modern consumers use Google and social media to learn about your brand or organisation - looking for content that helps them answer their buying questions and provide solutions to their problems.

"New Marketing" strategies and tactics are designed to help you and your organisation create, publish and promote brand content.

Effective brand journalism will help you:
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Develop the opportunity for two-way communication with prospects
  • Build a community around your product, service or organisation
  • Move prospects along in the buying process
  • Get found online
  • Build brand awareness

The 6 Step Marketing Process


  1. Plan strategies and implement tactics based on the dynamics of online search, brand journalism and social media
  2. Create brand content that helps answer you target audiences buying questions
  3. Publish content where you target audience is looking for it - online and across social media channels
  4. Promote content through search engine optimization, e-marketing and social media to get found online
  5. Manage content (review, update, archive) on an ongoig basis
  6. Analyse data to measure marketing performance