watch out there's a Panda about

So the end of silly season in terms of the recent weather has come and gone and so has the latest algorithm update from our friendly Panda over at Google Zoo.
So whilst Panda has been on it's European Tour making it's way through, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria many in SEO and SEM have been holding their breath waiting to see what this latest update would do to upset the (uh-hum) Bamboo Cart.

So now the Panda is back on US soil  it looks like the latest release has been quite significant,taking a look at the graph below we can see that thos that got a nasty bite from Panda 1 and lost a lot of their visibility got some of it back on 2.3 and lost again on 2.5.

The Conclusion? I guess it's that no one's safe from the Panda when it's in a biting kind of mood, if you've reworked your content to make the Panda happy there's no guarentee that you're going to be Panda proof moving forward.