Dr Strangelove - or how we came to to learn to love the job that doesn't even exist yet

We had one of our regular face to face meet ups with our brilliant digital agency, TwentySix and we got to chatting over a pint afterwards as you do and as is often the case....

So is this what you thought you'd be doing as a wee person? Does what you do even exist when you were that wee thing? Did you say when asked as a wee thing I want to be an SEO ninja? A PPC samurai? A Content Marketing Wizard? - didn't think so, and neither did I.

I'm still amused when I hear folk say Drew works in computers to then get frustrated (only a tiny bit) when people ask me to fix their laptops et al!

However the folk over at sparksandhoney have pulled together a slide deck that captured our conversation that was so uncannily close it's spooked me a little, go and take a look, then come back and lets have a chat about a few of them!