Deeper understanding of your audience via Google analytics

I'm rarely shocked at what my colleagues say, often I can be surprised, on occasion I can be frustrated, but when recently discussing some of the newer features in GA I have been truly dismayed by their utter indifference to the demographic data GA now churns out for us.

The data would suggest that the long held view on the age of the company's audiences is some what wide of the mark and therefore a great tranch of how we market is also, resulting in what we've saying and how we've been talking is pretty screwed.

For some of us this should make us sit up and review who and how we talk to our potentisal customer, not withstanding all the data that is available that categorically states that the 'older' generation DO NOT WANT TO BE marketed to as though they're on their last legs! 

It's not bowling and gardening (enjoyable pastime though they may be), the older demographic has never been more active, with broad ranging tastes in activities, with levels of disposable income never seen before (recession proof however they are not) and yet we see with so many companies the hackneyed approach to marketing to these groups.