Graduates looking for a career in digital

This is a slight breakaway form the usual SEO, PPC, MY OPINION, piece's that I normally write but as I was preparing for the coming week I noticed in my diary  one of my team had a work anniversary. Some folk may think it soft that I have these set up in my diary and I actively celebrate these anniversaries with the team.

For me it's just another way I can express to them and the wider team the importance they play for all of us in Digital and the wider company. So I'll ensure there's a thank you card on their desk from us all and we'll have a small moment of congratulating them.

But it got me thinking how I came to recruit this person in the 1st place and just how hard it is for graduates to get that first role to launch successful, mind blowing, super satisfying careers.

I don't know if in the next few paragraphs of musings any of this will be of value, but it's meant to be. If at times I come across as a bit "cross" it's because I've interviewed talent that have thrown it all away at interview and there are times when I see talent really pushing both at my own company and at others where I know the future of digital in it's constantly tectonic plate moving kind of way is in good shape.

So here goes my view on what pitfalls to avoid, what to do to put you ahead f the game.