Why bounce rate reduction puts conversions on steroids

I've been playing with different ways of reducing bounce rate recently and have on occasion struggled to get the "C-Suite" to understand why this is an Uber important metric that should be given considerable focus and in many ways should trump traffic volumes and even conversion, this I believe is true whether your site is lead generation or pure play e-commerce.

I'm going to lay out some basics, so for those of you that are already thinking in the space you can scroll through the next few paragraphs as you'll be fully up to speed on what I'm going to write...!

Let's start with the basics, what are you're key landing pages for your products, service, offers etc? Whatever analytic package you're using you will be very quickly be able to run a report that tells you this, but for those that are Google analytics users I'll step you through it.

  1. Open up your analytics account...!
  2. Click on the behaviour link in the left hand panel and then click on the landing page link
Now dependent on the size of your site you could have a crazy number of results but we're going to get your bounce rate sorted step by step. If the bounce on your homepage is pretty high (the homepage in GA is represented by this /