Bedroom redesign | It may have taken some considerable time

 Whilst there is some snagging to do and a bit of minor repairing to plaster work and of course the need to add a bay window curtain rail.

I'm really pleased at how far I've managed to bring the bedroom forward.

There's a real sense of calm and it is a great space to relax as well as sleep in.

new side cabinet and old mirror, Lavender GardensNext project will be to remove the wardrobes from the small guest bedroom currently Arthur's [the dog] bedroom. This feels really daunting as they've been fitted really well, and in some ways feels quite wasteful, verging on extravagant. I'm also quite worried about wrecking the walls as I remove them.

I wonder if old fitted wardrobes have any takers on freecycle, will need to investigate this.

Today however it's a focus on the garden, we have a tree surgeon [Adam] from Graftin Gardeners coming over in 10 minutes to quote for our Silver birch to have a trim and for the BIG ornamental cherry tree next door to get a bit of a haircut.

It sounds so nimby but if it doesn't get cut back now to the boundary line we will have no sun in our garden when it's in full leaf. 

Once that's done and dusted, start the work on the garden, we're really lucky to have such a big space in central London but the previous owners decked the whole thing so it does rather resemble a massive beer garden, as was pointed out by a friend before he could stop himself.

Dr T isn't convinced about me removing part of the deck to make a full raised side border/bed but he has got to let me crack on as he's the one that made us spend over 3/4 million an what at the moment is very much a glorified one bedroom flat