bloody tories

Bit miffed actually by the race to the darkest territory of the conservative narrative. Is it just me but is the backdrop to the Tories  getting darker and darker? 

The fresh faced Blair apparent that was Cameron, proposer of middle ground reasonableness, earth friendly speeches, primary and secondary care user and defender of, seems to have morphed into a terrible puppet like ghoul, that has spent too long suckering on the putrid Grandees and hatefulness of old Tory waywardness. 

There's no longer "bright new day blue" it's been replaced by a "bubonic vampiric hate mongering blue". Go look to the speeches on tonight's media, listen to the sound of our freedoms being tossed to the wind like so much discarded husk, hear the petrifying sound of boots on gravel that echo through our shared history and tell me we're going to be ok. 

When we become misty eyed Islanders and choose to be metaphorically deaf and blind to the shift in rhetoric I can only offer history up as a guide, so as the very same notes, cadence and discord seem to be in revivalist mode, can I ask you to not agree or disagree with me but be on your guard against anything, person or party that has a murder of crows just waiting to blacken our skies.