Thursday, April 23, 2009

50% off hotels if booked today

This update is coming to you a little late so I apologise in advance if you can't take advantage of the terrific offers I've found today.

Basically I have found some great 50% off offers on hotels across the UK, starting with the City Inn Birmingham it's is situated in the centre of the city close to all its shopping and cultural attractions, including the ICC, the NIA, and the Symphony Hall. City Inn Birmingham's accommodation comprises 238 rooms, all with excellent facilities for leisure or business guests. iMac computers, complimentary wi-fi, Skype, Sky, luxurious linen, power showers and 24-hour room service. The great thing about booking it is you not only get the 50% discount you can also earn the Tesco Clubcard points.

The next offer I thought worth sharing with you is for the Arlington Hotel, Dublin City Centre from the Aer Lingus website. Stay 3 nights get the last night free or 15% off 2 nights. The Arlington Hotel is renowned for its warm welcome, friendly service, great food, buzzing bar and of the famous Irish Dancing Nights! Being the most centrally located hotel in Dublin, this hotel is within walking distance of all major tourist attractions and shopping.

Another great deal, again found on the Aer Lingus site is 50% OFF May prices for today only at the The Met Hotel - 4* - Leeds. One of the most distinctive hotels in Leeds, the ornate terracotta grade II listed building has recently undergone a major refurbishment and now a very luxury hotel.The Met, Leeds is within easy reach of some of the most exclusive shopping and popular attractions including the Victoria Quarter which has been likened to London's Bond Street.

I'll end this post with another offer I found on the Tesco site, this time it looks like they've launched a global flight sale with some really cracking bagains like London to New York for £284.00 or London to Dubai for £310.00

You can see the rest of the offers I found today by visiting me on twitter and searching for Travel_Guru.

In defense of Twitter

I have reproduced the full transcript of the interview Maureen Dowd held with both Biz and Evan of Twitter. I feel their answers are a pretty robust defense to the infantile questioning by Ms Dowd

Published: April 21, 2009

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Maureen Dowd

In a droll nod to shifting technology, there’s a British red telephone booth in the loftlike office that you are welcome to use but you’ll have to bring in your cellphone.
I was here on a simple quest: curious to know if the inventors of Twitter were as annoying as their invention. (They’re not. They’re charming.)
I sat down with Biz Stone, 35, and Evan Williams, 37, and asked them to justify themselves.
ME: You say the brevity of Twitter enhances creativity. So I wonder if you can keep your answers to 140 characters, like Twitter users must. Twitter seems like telegrams without the news. We now know that on the president’s trip to Trinidad, ABC News’s Jake Tapper’s shower was spewing brown water. Is there any thought that doesn’t need to be published?
BIZ: The one I’m thinking right now.
ME: Did you know you were designing a toy for bored celebrities and high-school girls?
BIZ: We definitely didn’t design it for that. If they want to use it for that, it’s great.
ME: I heard about a woman who tweeted her father’s funeral. Whatever happened to private pain?
EVAN: I have private pain every day.
ME: If you were out with a girl and she started twittering about it in the middle, would that be a deal-breaker or a turn-on?
BIZ (dryly): In the middle of what?
ME: Do you ever think “I don’t care that my friend is having a hamburger?”
BIZ: If I said I was eating a hamburger, Evan would be surprised because I’m a vegan.
ME: What do you think about the backlash to Twitter on the blogs? Isn’t that a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?
BIZ: If people are passionate about your product, whether it’s because they’re hating or loving it, those are both good scenarios. People can use it to help each other during fuel shortages or revolts or earthquakes or wildfires. That’s the exciting part of it.
ME: Why did you think the answer to e-mail was a new kind of e-mail?
BIZ: With Twitter, it’s as easy to unfollow as it is to follow.
(They’re spilling past 140 characters now, but it must feel good to climb out of their Twitter bird cage. Evan has to leave. Biz and I continue.)
ME: Don’t you get worried about being swallowed up by Google?
BIZ: They don’t swallow you up. They call you up.
ME: Why did you call the company Twitter instead of Clutter?
BIZ: We had a lot of words like “Jitter” and things that reflected a hyper-nervousness. Somebody threw “Twitter” in the hat. I thought “Oh, that’s the short trivial bursts of information that birds do.”
ME: Oprah unleashed mayhem in the Twittersphere last week when, in her first tweet, she greeted “Twitters” instead of “Twitterers.”
BIZ: I’m still kinda old-school. We’re twittering, and we’re all twitterers. And we write tweets. The only thing I don’t love is twits.
ME: Would Shakespeare have tweeted?
BIZ: Brevity’s the soul of wit, right?
ME: Was there anything in your childhood that led you to want to destroy civilization as we know it?
BIZ: You mean enhance civilization, make it even better?
ME: What’s your favorite book?
BIZ: I loved Sherlock Holmes when I was a kid.
ME: But you’ve helped destroy mystery.
BIZ: When you put more information out there, sometimes you can just put a little bit of it out, which just makes the mystery even broader.
ME: When newsprint blows away, I want a second career as a Twitter ghostwriter. Which celebrity on Twitter most needs my help?
BIZ: Definitely not Shaq. Britney, maybe.
ME: Gavin Newsom announced his candidacy for governor today on Twitter and elsewhere. Does that make you the new Larry King?
BIZ: Did he? I didn’t know.
ME: Have you thought about using even fewer than 140 characters?
BIZ: I’ve seen people twitter in haiku only. Twit-u. James Buck, the student who was thrown into an Egyptian prison, just wrote “Arrested.”
ME: I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert, have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account. Is there anything you can say to change my mind?
BIZ: Well, when you do find yourself in that position, you’re gonna want Twitter. You might want to type out the message “Help.”