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2 large gins, 2 pints of cider, ice in the cider

Sorry but a mashup of two of my favourite films had to get posted.

Europe's far right - don't let the far right in by the back door

From the tip of Scandinavia to the sun kissed shores of the Mediterranean, far-right leaders and parties are doing well (and in some cases very well) in opinion polls. Given Europe's history, this has set my nerves a-jangling. The biggest shock is the rise of Marine Le Pen, leader of France's National Front. Polls put her ahead of both President Nicolas Sarkozy and any likely socialst challenger in 2012. She will not win the presidency, but she has shed the jackbooted image of her father, Jean-Marie, who utterley shamed France by gettinginto the run off against President Jacques Chrac in 2002.

The right is on the rise for old reasons and new. Hostility to immigration is sharpened by Islammist terrorism; alienation form the ploitical system is exacerbated by both globalisation and the bail outs of failing euro-zone countries. Ms Le Pen and her kind trade on an anti-Islamist sentiment to resist not just more immigration from north Africa but also Islamification at home. In north…