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A.I. and machine learning usage in the Healthcare of the UK: Ethics.

With the onward march of the machines, how can we ensure that the companies working in this field have an agreed ethical framework, are not biasing the learning of A.I, are unable to propriety own the data they collect about us and that the 5 or so current major technology players are unable to create a monopoly and that we have transparency over their business models to ensure transparency and their monetization road-maps?

Digital Marketing analytics..don't stress the small stuff...!

I'm putting this post together as I've recently had the pleasure of getting to know a few folks who have either entered the 'digital focussed' workforce from a more traditional marketing background or are returning to work after a leave of absence. One thing that both groups share is a seemingly genuine 'fear' of digital marketing and the associated disciplines.
This isn't an advanced post on the finesse of digital marketing and neither is it meant to be. I do hope though that this post (and others to follow) helps anybody that feels a little adrift in meetings, feels that 'they should know this (digital stuff)' but doesn't feel as sure-footed as they would like to be. It’s easy to assume everyone nowadays has at least a passable enough knowledge to not get swept away by the flood of digital marketing theories, platforms and analytics. 
Specifically, in the world of analytics, it can seem that there are so many things to track, how do you know w…