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Showing posts from June 28, 2011

Keeping the Panda Happy

If there's one thing we've known since the arrival of Chia-Chia and Ching-Ching in the '70's - Pandas may look docile but FUCK they have teeth! (The dude is on his second movie and gets to hang with the 'oh sit you is so fine' - "Angelina (don't fuck with me) Jolie".
Well, the big Panda has finally arrived, for most of us, its arrival is far from positive. Funny to see so many of the usual SEO monkeys applauding its arrival. I guess it makes them look squeaky clean. Behind closed doors, pretty much everyone is crying, bar the odd lucky few who got a boost. So What next?I guess every SEO in the UK right now is franticly trying to fix their site, looking for potential ways to fight off this 40 stone Panda.  I might add, right now is maybe the worst time to make any changes. Along with the Panda came a mass volume of junk URLS being indexed in SERP. These will all eventually be kicked off, again resulting in another shuffle in the search resu…