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Showing posts from February 10, 2011

Mining the sales funnel for maximum marketing benefit

Very often online marketers can feel they're in a never ending cycle and seemingly hopless quest to achieve the best marketing mix across all ATL and BTL channels. The never ending struggle to optimise the monetisation of paid search in terms of sales and continuing customer engagement and questioning how best to measure real ROI against these two metrics.

What I've sometimes discovered both within my own teams of marketers and those I have met outside of work is that they often don't realise that the right tools and models can not only make ROI measurement easier they can actually improve ROI. The method is to adopt a true revenue attibution model across the entire marketing programme - both ATL & BTL.

Ok, I'm going to throw some numbers aroud, I've kept the ranges fairly wide so as not to exclude any particular industry. Web sales typically can account for anything between 10% - 30% of a company's revenue (I did say depending on the industry right? also d…