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bloody tories

Bit miffed actually by the race to the darkest territory of the conservative narrative. Is it just me but is the backdrop to the Tories  getting darker and darker? 
The fresh faced Blair apparent that was Cameron, proposer of middle ground reasonableness, earth friendly speeches, primary and secondary care user and defender of, seems to have morphed into a terrible puppet like ghoul, that has spent too long suckering on the putrid Grandees and hatefulness of old Tory waywardness. 
There's no longer "bright new day blue" it's been replaced by a "bubonic vampiric hate mongering blue". Go look to the speeches on tonight's media, listen to the sound of our freedoms being tossed to the wind like so much discarded husk, hear the petrifying sound of boots on gravel that echo through our shared history and tell me we're going to be ok. 
When we become misty eyed Islanders and choose to be metaphorically deaf and blind to the shift in rhetoric I can only offer …

Content strategy II

That means that, at their best, strategists will provide a document explaining how their teams will accomplish these goals.

Relly Annett-Baker, in her article Why you need a Content Strategist, suggests you might apply a rough methodology: When you first meet, ensure you ask a lot of questions about their business works, what messages they want to get across and what their business’/products’ best features are.

Look at, and if required create the wireframes and the proposed information architecture of their website, consider interaction instructions, and determine whether a message is best explained with a screencast or a series of step-by-step by pictures.

Content, just like the websites they inhabit, are living, changing things. When strategists seek to assess and improve the quality of a website’s content, they typically follow a four-part process.

analyse; In this phase, strategists figure out what what kind of content they’re dealing with.
Ask questions about content, right from …

Where we're heading with the Human/System interface

interface ˈɪntəfeɪs/ noun 1. a point where two systems, subjects, organisations, etc. meet and interact. "the interface between accountancy and the law"

2. COMPUTING a device or program enabling a user to communicate with a computer. "a graphical user interface"

verb 1. interact with (another system, person, etc.). "you will interface with counterparts from sister companies" 2. COMPUTING connect with (another computer or piece of equipment) by an interface. "the hotel's computer system can interface automatically with the booking system"
It'll come as no surprise that my information sources, feeds, alerts, blog rolls are very often filled with tech, SEM, mobile, UX information and articles. I can often miss stuff due to overload and so on rare occasions I actively take some time out of the weekend to find a quite spot and try and have a good catch up.
One article I didn't miss was by Jefferson Graham (USA Today technology writer), titled; "My (rou…

So you want to publish online content?

A common occurrence? You or someone you know wants to create content, and have it published online.

A slightly less common occurrence? Having that same someone articulate high aspirations for their content.

For those select few, instead of creating content destined for some digital landfill, their content is going to be special; it’s going places and it’s taking them, their brand, and their experience with it.

I'm going to be looking at the following areas.

What is Content Strategy? How is Content Strategy performed? Content Strategy Luminaries Tools of the Trade Related Resources Content Strategy Books Additional Resources  Managing and publishing content requires that we deal with a necessary evil known as content management.

Content management is just what it sounds like, a way to manage the creation and dissemination of content. To effectively and systematically do that, it’s imperative that publishers employ what’s (aptly) known as content management systems (CMS's…

NASA | A View From The Other Side

Bedroom redesign | It may have taken some considerable time

Whilst there is some snagging to do and a bit of minor repairing to plaster work and of course the need to add a bay window curtain rail.

I'm really pleased at how far I've managed to bring the bedroom forward.

There's a real sense of calm and it is a great space to relax as well as sleep in.

Next project will be to remove the wardrobes from the small guest bedroom currently Arthur's [the dog] bedroom. This feels really daunting as they've been fitted really well, and in some ways feels quite wasteful, verging on extravagant. I'm also quite worried about wrecking the walls as I remove them.

I wonder if old fitted wardrobes have any takers on freecycle, will need to investigate this.

Today however it's a focus on the garden, we have a tree surgeon [Adam] from Graftin Gardenerscoming over in 10 minutes to quote for our Silver birch to have a trim and for the BIG ornamental cherry tree next door to get a bit of a haircut.

It sounds so nimby but if it doesn't get…

Men United. Keeping friendships alive.

Those working weeks when letting your hair down...OoopS!

We've all been there, following a tough week a glass or two of shandy [sic] is a well deserved treat.

But what happens when "Wine goes Bad" the little video may just serve as a warning...!

Food to warm the heart

You get days where you have been as busy as a May fly but things have all slotted into place, maybe only by a hairs breadth, and you may have had to hold your breath a couple of times, but in place the day has slotted.
It's days like this you want food that warms the heart, food that says; this is a good day. 
This day is a day for Meatballs in Goulash.....I promise you, it is. Hot Paprika, onions, peppers, garlic, noodles, poppy seeds....

So for the ingredients.
Two approaches to the meatballs, and I frown on neither approach, remember you've worked hard all day so no meatball snobbery here.
Method 1.  Buy fresh meat meatballs from the supermarket.
Method 2.  12oz lean minced pork 12 oz lean minced beef 1/2 red pepper very finely chopped  1 fat buddha of a clove of garlic (crushed or finely chopped)  a fistful of flat parsley roughly chopped 1 egg seasoned flour, this is flour with sat and pepper...! (You don't buy it btw, just chuck some salt in and grind or shake som…