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Dahab day II

A terrible nights sleep for Dr T and I..What went wrong? From the utter bliss of our first night's sleep, last night's was a nightmare of tossing and turning and mosquito fear. Nothing I did was quite right, lying on my left, on my right, duvet on/off, mossy spray on, cool damp cloth applied to tense brow, nothing helped which in turn resulted in a very grumpy Mr D that Dr T neede to be very patient with.

Breakfast continues to be what it is, perfectly adequate but nothing that memorable. Followed by a bit of sun bathing (yes I know these entry's are soon going to bore by there repetativeness but wait drama is about to unfold...

Lunch was Egptian Kofta's witha tahini sauce for Dr T and for myself a perfectly adequate burger from the beach bar at the hotel, sitting on the oversized loungers at he beach is such a lovely way to spend an hour or so but then we needed some activity so Dr T popped up to the hotel shop and purchased for us both a snorkel and mask.

In Dr T…

Le Meridien Hotel, Dahab

Le Meridien, Dahab.

After Dr T and I managed to get some sleep (10 out of 10 on the comfort of the bed Starwood) we ere raring to go, off to the Waves restaraunt where a buffet breakfast is served, to be completely frank there was nothing showstopping about the buffet on offer but also nothing to complain about, good coffee (which scores them extra points), good selection of breads, pastry's and fruit and salad with a great egg station.

Our (upgraded room) is actually really lovely good space noisy but working air con and a lovely rear openair bathroom come private sun deck. Today we've been mainly chillaxing, grade A chillaxing.

Dahab ancient and modern

There is something truly breathtaking about Dahab, mentioned in the book of  Deutoromy 1:1 These be the words which Moses spake unto all ISrael on this side of the Jordanin the Wilderness, in the plain over against the Red sea, between Paran, and Tophel, and Laban, and Hazeroth, and Dizahab
Set away from the other hotels in the area and the furthest from downtown Dahab is where we're currently enjoying some exemplary service at Le Meridien. We've booked this trip through Thomson and left Gatwick for Sharm on Friday afternoon. A very full and uncomfortable flight over not help by frankly rubbish service by the Thomson cabin crew and a plane that was cramped and actually just tatty.
As we left the airport at Sharm we were directed to the back of the car park where we were told we'd find coach 18 for our transfer to Dahab, hot and sticky from our cruddy flight we dutifully tramped up to the car park and started counting off the coaches in search of number 18.

OH God - yet another version of the tired and turgid Supper Club


Have you ever eaten out while lying down on a comfy bed? Chances are, if you’ve visited Amsterdam you would have been to or heard of the famous Dutch restaurant/bar/club – supperclub – which does exactly that. Now they have opened in London’s Notting Hill.
Why? Oh why did they bother?
SUPPERCLUB LONDON, 12 Acklam Road, London W10 5QZ (020 8964 6600)
The space is located under the Westway near the top end of Portobello Road on the site of the once legendary 90s nightclub, Subterranea. The space is designed by Concrete, the Dutch Architecture design practice also responsible for the various other supperclub locations in the world and the forthcoming W Hotel in London’s Leicester Square (opening Summer 2010).
On arrival, you pass through impressive double doors leading into Bar Rouge – an obvious take on a classic hotel bar. This is where customers (read: mugs) meet for a pre-dinner drink and suss out the crowd. When the kitchen is ready for dinner …

Why oh why did Apple call it the - iPad?

Apple supremos launched upon us the new but inecsplicably named ipad. The comparisons of the name to feminine hygene products have been coming thick and fast, one wonders why in the upper eschlons of apple didn't someone speak up, then you look at the roster of board members (click on their bio page) and you can see the reason this own goal with the name was achieved.

It also gets you wondering why someone didn't recall the MADtv skit from a number of years ago that should have given them some insight into the complete sillyness of this new moniker for what is a groundbreaking piece of technology.