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The Rise & Rise of #Twitter

Whilst this post doesn't directly address issues in the online travel industry it's certainly worth mentioning, as many of us (including myself) use twitter as an easy to market way of getting information out to a wider audience incredibly quickly.

An interesting report from the folk at Hitwise landed in my inbox spelling out the growing popularity of twitter in the UK.

Following the rumours of wedding bells for a Google and twitter wedding at the beginning of April, the micro blogging site has seen a 6 fold increase of traffic in the UK since the beginning of the year and a truly remarkable 32 fold increase in the last 12 months.

During the week (4/4/09) twitter entered into the top 50 websites visited in the UK, becoming the 5'th most popular website. To put this into context; twitter received more UK Internet visits in this period than the Daily Mail, RightMove, MSN UK Search, Directgov, and all retail websites - with the exception of eBay, Amazon UK, and Argos.


Car Hire woes

It seems that for the beleaguered car hire industry there still isn't a glimmer of hope on the horizon. With the once mighty Avis/Budget only just having missed being delisted from the NY stock exchange, the company is struggling under a ever growing mountain of debt and costs coupled with falling revenue.

A similar story is reflected in the car broker model, with the likes of holiday autos and car trawler both market leaders in this space being reliant on supply both from the large fleet owners and from the smaller local independents. An example of the impact the downturn and the credit crunch is having on the car hire industry is a statement I received informing me of the following.

This year car rental companies will have significantly less fleet available in many European markets in the peak periods:

The reasons:The car rental companies are not getting the credit needed to renew their fleet and if they do get the credit, it is at an uneconomical interest rate level.The car rental…

50% off hotels if booked today

This update is coming to you a little late so I apologise in advance if you can't take advantage of the terrific offers I've found today.
Basically I have found some great 50% off offers on hotels across the UK, starting with the City Inn Birmingham it's is situated in the centre of the city close to all its shopping and cultural attractions, including the ICC, the NIA, and the Symphony Hall. City Inn Birmingham's accommodation comprises 238 rooms, all with excellent facilities for leisure or business guests. iMac computers, complimentary wi-fi, Skype, Sky, luxurious linen, power showers and 24-hour room service. The great thing about booking it is you not only get the 50% discount you can also earn the Tesco Clubcard points.The next offer I thought worth sharing with you is for the Arlington Hotel, Dublin City Centre from the Aer Lingus website. Stay 3 nights get the last night free or 15% off 2 nights. The Arlington Hotel is renowned for its warm welcome, friendly se…

In defense of Twitter

I have reproduced the full transcript of the interview Maureen Dowd held with both Biz and Evan of Twitter. I feel their answers are a pretty robust defense to the infantile questioning by Ms Dowd

Published: April 21, 2009

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times Maureen Dowd
In a droll nod to shifting technology, there’s a British red telephone booth in the loftlike office that you are welcome to use but you’ll have to bring in your cellphone.
I was here on a simple quest: curious to know if the inventors of Twitter were as annoying as their invention. (They’re not. They’re charming.)
I sat down with Biz Stone, 35, and Evan Williams, 37, and asked them to justify themselves.
ME: You say the brevity of Twitter enhances creativity. So I wonder if you can keep your answers to 140 characters, like Twitter users must. Twitter seems like telegrams without the news. We now know that on the president’s trip to Trinidad, ABC News’s Jake Tapper’s shower was spewing brown water. Is there any…