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Time Out gets Travel

An interseting development from the folk at Time Out , for a number of years they've served travel ad's on their site from the likes of Expedia & Venere and recently a search form started to appear across the sites from this would take the user of into the website to transact. This was managed by the affiliate network commission junction (CJ) and I understand was an a CPA basis. It seems though that Time Out have got a taste for travel and with are about to launch a co-branded white label at Time Out / On paper it looks like a wise move for the iconic authority on the world's best cities, and for the distribution business a good fit. I guess we'll have to wait and see though if it can enter the travel space and be successful in getting it's new product across to it's user base. As both organisations have a very South East centric demographic of similar customer types are…

Travelocity launches 'Top Secret Hotels'.

I came across this post by Hudson Crossing which comments on the launch of a new product on Travelocity 'Top Secret Hotels'.

This new product launch has pretty much flown under the radar and I wonder what the thinking behind this was, possibly as this is new ground for Travelocity they are waiting to build up the supply of hotels that are happy to sign up to this model.

Their sister company in Europe, has seen massive success with this product, so much so that my information shows that it now makes up for over 40% of all their London hotel bookings, not bad!

So why does this product work so well for both the compnay and the punter? Three main reason come to mind;

a) The very nature of finding a bargain - 4* and 5* houses for 3* prices
b) Engagement (a lot of buzz around engagment at the moment) - if you involve your customer in the search/hunt for the property your bringing them further and further into your online world, the longer you have them on your site the gre…