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Showing posts from September 19, 2010

What ya doing about mobile?

I've been thinking quite a lot about mobile recently and the impact on both my own market and the wider socio-economic impact of this platform.

Discussing the possible impacts with colleagues has led me to a view that friends not in my industry seem to view access to a site designed for mobile as a fundamental right i.e. if they can access it on a laptop why can't they have a site built for mobile with the oft repeated conviction (they're just the same anyway but a bit smaller) or from colleagues who are fully aware of 'mobile' and no matter how many times you present the data showing the steady month on month increase of mobile traffic still somehow view mobile development as a 'pretty, sparkly thing' that we'll get round to at some point.

I was invited to a Think Google event and they had this short film to kick off proceedings, if you've been struggling as I have in the 'convincing game' it's well worth sitting them down in front of …