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Is Twitter corrosive to online marketing? In defense of Twitter II?

I seem to have been having a whole traunch of conversations recently with friends and colleagues who don't engage with Social as an everyday part of their working lives, it feels like the more Social enters our everyday lives the lack of understanding of the benefits and power of Social are laid bare. It reminds me of a post I reproduced from a NY Times article from way back in 2009

I've been mulling over the idea of the 'defense of twitter' and in the broader sense the 'defense of Socia'l and I think this'll start a number of further enties on and about this subject.  So starting with...

Is twitter corrosive to online marketing?

In the past when you did something quite cool and attention-worthy people would reference it on their blogs. But now in the age of Twitter, many people mention your stuff on Twitter. This can be good if they have thousands of Twitter followers, but if most the people mentioning a topic are all in the same small tight knit spac…