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There are world-class analytics tools available for free from both Yahoo and Google that will get you more data than you can shake a wizoo at and probably more than God ever intended you to have. Yet, perhaps most shockingly, a vast majority of decisions website owners make are based on faith rather than data.
After wiping away my tears and having met with many leaders of businesses large and small, I have come to realise that the problem is not that we don't have enough data, nor even enough of the right type of data. The problem is we are obsessed about the data, and very often not about the business.

So if you recognise yourself or people you work with in the above statement get ready to be the person that creates change. What I'm going to say isn't a secret, it's not something that'll cost you big bucks to implement but if you want to capatalise on the data the business is creating and become a truly data driven organisation then the first thing you must do is...…