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helene darroze at the connaught

Last night we had the second of our supper club evenings and following on from our succesful and fun evening at Le Gavroche in May of this year we decided to dine at Helene Darroze at the Connaught.What a dissapointment for the five of us, we tried to make it easier on ourselves and the kitchen by oredering the signature menu (well if they can't get that right they're probably going to struggle fullstop).

The restaurant is housed in one of Londons finest Grand Hotels (especially since the 75 million refurb to keep up with the Dorchetser just a stones throw away) The Connaught, Helen Darrooze has taken over this dining room from where the saintly Angela Hartnett left off.

So what did we have and what did I find? Well it's not all bad, two of the most well poised and sublime dishes I've ever had but the rest a littany of dissapointment of overcooked and underspiced catastrophes, added to this a wine list that is eye wateringly overpriced and the endless topping up of wat…

A Masterpiece Recovered: Delaroche’s Charles I Insulted

A Delaroche masterpiece that was significantly damaged during the blitzin the second world war has been restored and will go on display at The National Gallery London in early 2010.
A Masterpiece Recovered: Delaroche’s Charles I Insulted