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Showing posts from June 8, 2014

My other (of many) passions is my garden

So we moved from Kieldon Manor to the Dowager House know as Lavender Garden Mansion, it's been a bit touch and go. New spaces, spaces we don't know what to do with, spaces that are cool but a little contradictory.

What I do have though is My Garden...

Here's a walk through of what we've managed to do in the short space of time we've been here, and by the way did I say I have a SHED...for those of you who get this I salute you, for those of you that don't... ;-)

Arthur not too sure what to make of the extra space

Very early doors with the new garden

A bit of the apartment and the Garden

Hand built and "lined" vegetable plot

First set of seedlings transplanted

First "big" use of the garden