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An ad served doesn't necessarily equal an ad viewed... 'Kansas strikes again'

An ad served doesn't necessarily equal an ad viewed.... starts the heading of the thinkwithgoogle article published this month.
To say that I thought this was stating the bleeding obvious would've been an utter understatement, compounded further by the editorial which I felt its sub-text was ''s just the way it is' got me to writing this piece.
I think we need to take a much wider view of the display ad landscape and see where the issues really lie, and if there's a way the industry can respond in a meaningful way to not kill off what historically has been a potent and well converting way to get your brand and product noticed.
I think there are three culprits lurking in the wings and we'll call each out to examine them to see how much they're involved in the demise of the display ad.
The three culprits as I see them are;  MobileProgrammaticMultiplatform beaviourLet's take a look at each and then bring the argument together.

Two-Minute Tales: Dubai's Working Falcons

Days in Dubai

All the Dubai posts will go up once I've had a chance to make some edits and ensure my typing isn't as lousy as I've noticed it has been in the last few posts...!
However this short Birthday message created by David and Amanda deserves a special edition post...

Dubai Holiday September 2014

Today is our third full day in Dubai and we're feeling slightly worse for wear after what was a relatively relaxing day, not withstanding the struggle with the ferociousness of the heat! Our struggle is the result of the incredible generosity of both David and Amanda and the hosting and food delivered by Ricky and his very attentive team at the restaurant known as
Plate after plate of delicious morsels kept being delivered to table with barely a bad note amongst them, a personal favourite were the sticky ribs, these were generous and sticky and sweet with a dark rich molasses flavour that still allowed the meatyness to come through; mouth, beard, chin, fingers all covered which only added to the joy of this dish.

My other (of many) passions is my garden

So we moved from Kieldon Manor to the Dowager House know as Lavender Garden Mansion, it's been a bit touch and go. New spaces, spaces we don't know what to do with, spaces that are cool but a little contradictory.

What I do have though is My Garden...

Here's a walk through of what we've managed to do in the short space of time we've been here, and by the way did I say I have a SHED...for those of you who get this I salute you, for those of you that don't... ;-)

Arthur not too sure what to make of the extra space

Very early doors with the new garden

A bit of the apartment and the Garden

Hand built and "lined" vegetable plot

First set of seedlings transplanted

First "big" use of the garden

If I lay here....

#NowPlaying "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol on @Sonos

Why bounce rate reduction puts conversions on steroids

I've been playing with different ways of reducing bounce rate recently and have on occasion struggled to get the "C-Suite" to understand why this is an Uber important metric that should be given considerable focus and in many ways should trump traffic volumes and even conversion, this I believe is true whether your site is lead generation or pure play e-commerce.

I'm going to lay out some basics, so for those of you that are already thinking in the space you can scroll through the next few paragraphs as you'll be fully up to speed on what I'm going to write...!

Let's start with the basics, what are you're key landing pages for your products, service, offers etc? Whatever analytic package you're using you will be very quickly be able to run a report that tells you this, but for those that are Google analytics users I'll step you through it.

Open up your analytics account...!Click on the behaviour link in the left hand panel and then click on the…

Graduates looking for a career in digital

This is a slight breakaway form the usual SEO, PPC, MY OPINION, piece's that I normally write but as I was preparing for the coming week I noticed in my diary  one of my team had a work anniversary. Some folk may think it soft that I have these set up in my diary and I actively celebrate these anniversaries with the team.

For me it's just another way I can express to them and the wider team the importance they play for all of us in Digital and the wider company. So I'll ensure there's a thank you card on their desk from us all and we'll have a small moment of congratulating them.

But it got me thinking how I came to recruit this person in the 1st place and just how hard it is for graduates to get that first role to launch successful, mind blowing, super satisfying careers.

I don't know if in the next few paragraphs of musings any of this will be of value, but it's meant to be. If at times I come across as a bit "cross" it's because I've i…

The internet of things, all things, small things, big things, kindthings

You know those times when you haven't spent any time thinking about something, then someone says something, then you think I don't know too much about this, then you have a few drinks one night and a week later you know so much about the thing you didn't know about and yet don't know how you now know so much.

Ever happen to you?

Well that's how I got started on The Internet of Things...

Deeper understanding of your audience via Google analytics

I'm rarely shocked at what my colleagues say, often I can be surprised, on occasion I can be frustrated, but when recently discussing some of the newer features in GA I have been truly dismayed by their utter indifference to the demographic data GA now churns out for us.

The data would suggest that the long held view on the age of the company's audiences is some what wide of the mark and therefore a great tranch of how we market is also, resulting in what we've saying and how we've been talking is pretty screwed.
For some of us this should make us sit up and review who and how we talk to our potentisal customer, not withstanding all the data that is available that categorically states that the 'older' generation DO NOT WANT TO BE marketed to as though they're on their last legs! 
It's not bowling and gardening (enjoyable pastime though they may be), the older demographic has never been more active, with broad ranging tastes in activities, with levels of…