Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ryanair slam Stansted Airport and BAA

In a press release this morning the Irish Low Cost Carrier, Ryanair called for the early sale of Stansted Airport after BAA's own figures that passenger traffic at the airport collapsed by 19% in May and highlighted that traffic has now plummeted by 15% at London Stansted in the first five months of 2009.
Ryanair's Stephen McNamara said,

"Today's confirmation that London Stansted traffic has collapsed by 19% so far this year, proves that the Competition Commission's recommendation that that airport be sold is the only way to protect London tourism and jobs and we call for the fast-tracking of its sale in order to tackle the airport's plummeting traffic.
The abysmal performance of the BAA airports underlines the urgent need for government action to protect UK tourism and UK jobs...."

Myleene Klass get's sticky and easyjet mid air weddings become unstuck

I know, I know, it's a very weak sedge way between the story of Myleene Klaas getting stuck to her bed in a Costa Rican hotel and Luton Borough Council refusing to grant easyjet a licence to carry out mid-air wedding services but it was too good to resist.

The Irish Independant reported this week that the one time Queen of I'm a celebrity and now the face of the USA version found herself in a 'sticky' situation this week when she inadvertently applied a liberal coating of insect repellent only for it to react with the varnish on her bed. The poor girl had to be 'peeled slowly but surely' off her bed by hotel staff.

In totally unrelated news (but I need to justify my headline) easyjet the European low cost carrier have had their plans to offer mid-air wedding ceremony's come unstuck (sic!). The Luton based low cost carrier were planning to offer midair services and applied to Luton Borough Council for a licence. The Council (with impressive patience) told easy jet "We have explained to easyJet that the current law does not permit a civil marriage or civil partnership taking place on board an aircraft,” said a council spokeswoman. “But we would be happy to consider licensing easyJet's ground facilities at London Luton Airport.”

Two stories - One aim, publicity.

Both Ms. Klass (and the production company behind her new TV show) and easyjet are selling products whether it be themselves, a new show or bums on seats on a big orange bus that flies through the air, I actually find both these stories mildly amusing in their content but far funnier imagining the conversations that the respective marketing teams must have had dreaming up these wheezes.